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Many thanks to Laura Nowlin Rosener (bard and muse), Susannah Crockford (itinerant witch queen of the hippies), Ian Campbell for mastering the album, Paul Donnelly for making our fantastic website, Rachel Kornhardt for creating the badass album cover, The Night Grinder, The Awesome Black Hole, Jaded Evil Lambs, Top Grossing Films of 1984, Catholic Guilt, Charlie Turner, Kingston Family Singers, and Beauty Pageant.

The Ballad of Prancing Rat

I see the dead.

Alien Dance Party

Humans... give us your skin. Humans... give us your nerves. Humans... we need your air, tissue, and your flesh...

Revel traveling through strange dimensions,
Skin cells fueling hedonism engines,
Nerve fires powered by debauched intentions.

Make it flow, make it go...

Cannot fly, cells run dry...



Tetrahedral needle injecting aural feedback,
Into a formless moral haystack... the real is.
Linear infusions within the mental schemas,
Vacillate the dreamers... the real is.

Lucidity embodied by geometry,
Clarity leaning on rigidity.

The shambling masses go on about their ravings,
Through a nebula of cravings... but the real is.

Susannah in Sedona
(Don't Wish Over the Dead River)

Don't gulp down San Pedro,
When you're surrounded by kids.
Don't loan borrowed drums,
To over-privileged hippie dipshits.

Don't wish over the dead river...

Crystals may help you find a vortex,
But nothing's quite like drugs and sex.

Album Mastered by Ian Campbell
Album Art Created by Rachel Kornhardt